Gray Matters App

Scientifically tested with over 140 participants in a randomised control trial in the USA, the Gray Matters app gives you the tools you need to minimize Alzheimer's Disease risk.

Protect your brain

Did you know that genetics and family history account for only one third of the risk of Alzheimer's Disease? It's true... the rest is down to lifestyle choices and behaviors. The Gray Matters app provides daily lifestyle recommendations designed to protect your brain against Alzheimer's disease.

Boost your defences

Get help in understanding and achieving clinically approved lifestyle targets across 6 key areas: Food, Physical, Sleep, Social, Cognitive and Stress. Learn at a glance where and how you can make a difference.

Track your lifestyle

Keep an eye on your efforts through helpful graphs, check for trends and get tailored feedback all via the app. Compare your efforts with family, friends or anonymously with people around the world.

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and start protecting your brain against Alzheimer's disease