Who We Are

Our Story

The idea behind the Gray Matters app was founded in 2013 by two professors over lunch in Logan, Utah. Professors Maria Norton and Chris Nugent wanted to see if they could help people improve their lifestyle with the specific goal of reducing their risk of developing Alzheimer’s in later life. With some hard work this idea turned into a 6-month randomly controlled trial with over 140 participants taking part in the state of Utah, USA. The Gray Matters app was designed to deliver health education material promote healthy lifestyle change and provide a way for the user to monitor and receive feedback on their changes over time. After the 6 months the data was collected, the numbers were crunched and the results were in… the app worked! Users of the app who met just 60% of the recommended guidelines lost excess weight, improved their cholesterol levels, blood pressure levels, lowered their resting heart rate, and reported they felt less stressed. All of these improvements are expected to reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease in later life. We also found that those who used the app most often reaped the biggest health rewards. We believe that everyone, given the right tools and support, can improve their chances of a Alzheimer’s free life.

Our team

Phillip Hartin

Software Architect & Developer
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Prof. Maria Norton

Professor of Psychology & Clinical Lead
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Prof. Chris Nugent

Professor of Biomedical Engineering & Tech Lead
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Christine Clark

Non-Profit Organization Management Professional
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Dr. Ian Cleland

Computer Science Research Fellow & Tech Guru
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Prof. Sally McClean

Professor of Mathematics & Statistics Extraordinaire
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